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Old Fashioned Record Player Worth Collecting

Early production, the "Cultural Revolution" period, the novelty of the novelty of the Old Fashioned Record Player was once the family of luxury goods and furnishings, with the progress of science and technology and society, since the TV, computers and other popular popular since the use of Old Fashioned Record Player more To the smaller, and gradually become the object of the pursuit of pets. For the collection of lovers, the following kinds of old-fashioned Old Fashioned Record Player is worth collecting.

One is the early production of the Old Fashioned Record Player. The world's first Old Fashioned Record Player was invented by British physicists in 1904. China until the 20th century, 60 years, only to develop a transistor "single tube Old Fashioned Record Player" and three or four transistors "to double Old Fashioned Record Player." These "antique" with the introduction of new products, has long been abandoned, and saved to the present is quite easy. But as a witness to the development of science and technology, they have a high historical value. Therefore, the older the Old Fashioned Record Player value of the higher the value, especially in the last century, fifties and fifties before the European and American brand name.

Second, the "Cultural Revolution" period of the production of Old Fashioned Record Player. Like other items of this period, they will be marked with the "Cultural Revolution" brand, such as "red light" "Red Star" "workers and peasants" "sunflower" and so on, and even marked on the fuselage "Chairman Mao Long live" , To promote production "and other slogans and quotations, political color is very strong. Because of this, its collection value is also high, especially in the 90th anniversary of the founding of the occasion, the red collection of heat in the ascendant, "Cultural Revolution" period of the Old Fashioned Record Player as a witness to the history of natural also favored.

Third, the novelty of the strange Old Fashioned Record Player. After a specially designed Old Fashioned Record Player, the shape is very novel and unique, such as our Swan 611 Old Fashioned Record Player book shape, gem flower 605 type of the Temple of Heaven modeling, etc., these special Old Fashioned Record Player because of its rare number, coupled with a special modeling process, with a high Of the collection value.

Four is a special significance of the Old Fashioned Record Player. Such as the Old Fashioned Record Player and the special period, such as the war of resistance against Japan, the Old Fashioned Record Player used during the war of liberation, etc., are revolutionary "cultural relics", very much, especially for the use of Old Fashioned Record Player, precious. However, these collections, usually not easy to verify true and false, must be prepared in advance to be able to start, so as not to be deceived.